What is a Raspberry Pi | Complete tutorial

What is a raspberry pi | Complete tutorial

Hello and welcome back. In this tutorial, we will learn what is a Raspberry Pi. This is my first article on Raspberry Pi. Also, I will cover a complete description of the Raspberry Pi in this article. So, I want to say some good news. That is, in this lesson series, we will give you the knowledge you need from blinking an LED to creating advanced projects. Also, you can get all of this knowledge freely on our website. If you want to learn about this deeply, for that use this link.

What is a Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry pi is simply called a computer. It’s a very small circuit board. Like that your ID card or credit card. For this reason, it is also known as a single board computer. But, we can do a lot of duties through this Raspberry Pi computer. Also, we can use this Raspberry Pi computer like a usually desktop computer. That is, we can use this to play games, watch videos, browse the internet and etc. I think this is a good way to better understand how a computer works and learn programming. Finally, I want to say, we can use this Raspberry Pi board in two main ways.

That is,

  • As a computer

When we connect the Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse to this Raspberry Pi Board, we can use it as a normal computer. For this, Raspberry Pi company has also released an OS called Raspbian. We will discuss more information about that in the next tutorials.

  • As a development platform

If you’re familiar with Arduino, I think it’s not a new experience for you. But these Raspberry Pi boards are more powerful than Arduino boards. That is, these boards include microprocessors and massive memories. Also, we used computer languages ​​like C and C++ to program an Arduino board. But, to program a Raspberry Pi board, we need computer languages ​​like Scratch and Python. But don’t worry, in this tutorial series, we will learn step by step from blinking an LED to creating an advanced robot using the python language.

Raspberry Pi board structure

Raspberry Pi board GPIO pins structure

What is a raspberry pi | Complete tutorial

Okay, now let’s see what are the types of Raspberry Pi boards and the specifications of these boards. For that, you can use the pictures below.

I think now you have a basic knowledge of this Raspberry Pi platform. Also, we will learn more in the next tutorials. So, see you in the next article.

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