How to assemble a DIY electronic Spinning wheel kit step by step

How to assemble a DIY electronic Spinning wheel kit step by step

Hello and welcome back. In this tutorial, we will learn how to assemble a DIY electronic Spinning wheel kit step by step. Also, this kit is most important for beginners to learn soldering and electronics. I also like this cheap price and PCB quality.

What is a spinning wheel?

The spinning wheel is a rotating wheel. Also, it was found in the past and was mainly used in the cotton textile industry. Today this structure is used for a variety of designs and tools. If you want to learn more information about these spinning wheels. Use this link for that.

We have also used the above structure for the kit we are going to assemble today and it mainly includes 12 patterns. Also, we can change these patterns one by one using the “Select” button. After selecting your pattern, you can see it as a spinning wheel by pressing the start button. All of these are Indicated by LED and buzzer.

Ok, let’s assemble this kit step by step.

You can buy it using this link –> OSEPP

Step 1

Firstly, let’s unbox this kit and identify those components.

Step 2

Secondly, let’s solder these components to the PCB. For that, use the following tools.

Step 3

Okay, now let’s start soldering. First, solder the IC to the PCB.

Step 4

Then, solder the capacitor and buzzer.

Step 5

Next, solder the mini push buttons and resistors to the PCB.

Step 6

Now, attach the battery clips.

Step 7

Finally, solder the LEDs one by one.

Step 8

Okay, the spinning wheel is ready. Now put the batteries into the battery clips.

After, select the pattern using the Select button. Then, press the Start button. Okay, now enjoy this spinning wheel. So see you in the next project.

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