Andonstar AD407 Pro Digital Microscope Unboxing and Review

Andonstar AD407 Pro Digital Microscope Unboxing and Review

Hello and welcome back. In this article, we are going to unbox and review a digital microscope. That’s Andonstar AD407 Pro digital microscope. I think that’s most suitable for electronic hobby creations. Because we can solder the SMD components easily. However, it’s not limited to only electronic tasks. We can use this microscope for various tasks. This can be used to clearly see anything that is not clear to our naked eye. It depends on your requirements.

I’m using this product for several days. Actually, it’s a good product and highly recommended. Because

  1. It has a good build quality.
  2. We can control it with a remote and microscope monitor.
  3. We can record videos and pictures.
  4. HDMI output support.
  5. Base plate lights.

These features are most useful for me. Finally, I want to say that’s a good product for the selling price. You can see other features of this microscope below.

Basic parameters of AD407 Pro Digital Microscope

  • Image sensor: 4 Mega Pixels HD Sensor
  • Video output: UHD 2880X2160 24FPS, FHD1920X1080 60FPS/30FPS, HD1280X720 120FPS
  • Video format: MP4
  • Magnification Ratio: Up to 270X (27-inch HDMI monitor output)
  • Photo resolution: MAX 4032*3024 (12M 4032*3024)
  • Photo format: JPG
  • Minimum focus distance: 5cm
  • Frame Rate: Max 120f/s (under 600 Lux Brightness& HDP120)
  • Storage: Micro-SD card (not included), up to 64G
  • Power source: 5V DC
  • Stand size: 20cm*18cm*32cm
  • Screen size: 7 inch

You can purchase this microscope using the links below.

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Ok, let’s assemble this product step by step. For that, follow the instructions below.

Step 1

Firstly, identify the components in the box.

Microscope Monitor


Power cable

Screw, Spring, Metal clip, Wrench

Power cable

HDMI cable




Users Manual

Step 2

Secondly, install the column into the base plate.

Step 3

Thirdly, set the beam anti-skid as you like. And then, insert the beam into the column and tighten the beam fixing screw.

Step 4

Now, loosen the host fixing screw in a counterclockwise direction and insert the microscope into the main hole. Then, tighten the fixing screws of the microscope. (You can adjust the position and orientation of the microscope monitor to your liking using the fixing screws.)

Step 5

And then, connect the metal clips to the base plate.

Step 6

Now, connect the power cable to the base plate and the microscope monitor. Then connect the USB cable to the power adapter.

Step 7

OK, now remove the monitor protection sticker and power up this microscope. You can use the power cable button or monitor power button to turn on it. But, there is no need to press the power button when powering on for the first time. Also, you can control the brightness of the base plate light using the dimmer cable.

Step 8

Now, you can change the settings of this microscope as you like. You can use the remote control or microscope monitor buttons for that. (Press and hold the M icon button on the monitor) Examples: –

  • Resolution.
  • Exposure.
  • Date Stamp.
  • Sharpness.
  • Freeze.
  • Contrast.
  • Color
  • Gridline setting.
  • Date/Time
  • Language
  • Frequency
  • Format
  • Default setting
  • Version

Step 9

Now, place the object on the base plate. Then, rotate the focus controller to get a clear image. If you want to zoom in and zoom out, press the up and down arrow buttons on the monitor or remote control.

If you want to record a video or take a picture, first, insert the SD card into the microscope monitor. Then, press the OK button to record the video and press the camera icon button to capture the picture. These buttons are included on the microscope monitor and remote control.

Also, if you want, an external monitor can be connected to the microscope monitor. Use the HDMI cable for that. Ok, experience this product. The full video guide is below. So, see you in the next tutorial or project.

Andonstar AD407 Pro Digital Microscope Unboxing and Review

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