This includes all Arduino based tutorials and projects. These are explained step by step.

LED matrix display control

Hello guys, welcome back to my blog. Today we are going to talk about an interesting topic for everyone. That is LED module control. The LED bulbs included in the LED matrix display. We can make this LED matrix in the required sizes at home. It takes a lot of time and effort. But if …

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Joystick module with Arduino.

Hello guys, Welcome back to my blog. We have already described the types of data required for Arduino encoding in the previous post. We create programs using that knowledge. Okay, today we are going to do a small project and learn Arduino. For that, I have used digital read, analog read and analog write. The …

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Data types in Arduino

Hello friends, Welcome back to my blog. We have described the previous articles as practical projects. But today’s article is theoretically. We have learned a piece of basic knowledge about Arduino from previous articles. Today we are going to talk about something that is most important for Arduino coding. It is Data types or variables. …

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Motor controlling with Arduino

Hello guys, Welcome back to my channel. Today we are going to talk about motor control. Motor control is a very important topic in learning Arduino. In this article, we will talk about rotating the motor left or right and controlling the speed. This topic is especially important for making robot cars. These motor control …

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Sound sensor with Arduino

           Hello guys, Welcome back to my blog. We discussed servo motors in a previous post. Do you remember it? We presented 11 articles on Arduino basics. If you have not read those articles yet, please read them. I will hope to present Nodemcu lessons in the next articles.OK let’s go …

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